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"I found Sae Smyrl, PT through a recommendation from a physician’s assistant who had seen him for an injury and he came highly recommended.  My PT was during the COVID-19 pandemic and I was hesitant to go to the hospital PT and potentially be around many people.  Sae is in a small practice in Sylva and he adhered to all COVID-19 CDC guidelines so I felt comfortable having my PT there.  I had a Grade 3 ankle sprain and was using a knee-scooter when I first started my therapy.  He evaluated by injury, range of motion, etc. and created a therapy plan.  Each visit he would provide a written sheet with additional home exercises and stretches to facilitate my healing process.  He was patient with me as we progressed through my therapy and I had to cancel some appointments.  He listened to my concerns and feedback and also “pushed” me gently so I would continue to improve.  He is an excellent Physical Therapist and has a quiet, mild demeanor.  He has great knowledge and skills for his occupation and is able to custom-tailor them to each patient.   I would highly recommend him to anyone needing a Physical Therapist in our area." - Pam S. Cullowhee, NC

"I have had nine joint surgeries, and seen plenty of physical therapists. Sae is not your typical physical therapist. He sees his clients one at a time. He puts a lot of thought into your specific problem, designs a therapy program for your specific situation, and closely monitors your progress. You don't feel like you are on a conveyor belt, running through the standard set of exercises while your therapist juggles you and two other clients at the same time." - Ron M., Athlete, Gardener, College Professor

 "I was looking for a therapist who could evaluate my work station. Sae came to my home, evaluated my work space, and made several simple recommendations that greatly improved the ergonomics of my space. He also evaluated my range of motion and taught me some stretches and exercises. Also provided recommendations on rest breaks and eye strain. Much more than I had expected and all very helpful. He was very professional and easy to work with. I am happy to recommend him to others." - Lori Y., RN

"Sae is just great! He helped me rebuild my shoulders so that I can move without pain, sleep at night and enjoy yoga. I'm stronger and healthier because of him. He's patient, kind, and professional--and his prices are reasonable." - Elizabeth H. University professor, cancer survivor.

"The knowledge I gained from a session with Sae has allowed me to continue my work. Having lower back problems for a few years, I blamed it on weak muscles or the laborious career I have. Sae educated me on the fact that my muscles weren’t the problem and the pain in my knee is directly correlated with the pain in my lower back (an impinged nerve). The stretching I was doing was actually hurting me more. Sae taught me new stretches, new ways to strengthen my lower back, and how to stand and sit properly. It’s been two weeks and I already notice a difference on days I have lots of lifting to do. I feel better!" - Stephen B., Contractor/Builder

"After a 3 month bicycle tour, I was unable to ride and run without pain in the hips. Sae gave me instructions on self care and special stretches and now I'm back playing stronger than ever, with no pain!"  - Jennie W., Athlete


"With professional friendliness Sae fixed my shoulder.  Even after 6 years of regular yoga, I still had very limited strength and mobility in my left shoulder.  Turns out I had frozen shoulder.  By my third session with Sae I was able to confidently perform many poses that had historically been difficult or impossible for me.  I look forward to more sessions and the increased strength and flexibility they promise." - Jeannette E., Owner/Operator, Mad Batter Food & Film

"As a breast cancer survivor, my mastectomy scar runs across my chest and ends in my underarm. Since the surgery in 2012, I have noticed that at the end of each day, the region around this lengthly scar feels irritated, fatigued, painful and just plain uncomfortable.  After an initial consult with Sae Smyrl, he worked on my scar to find places where the underlying tissue (I don't know the medical terminology) was tight, bunched up, etc. and most likely causing my pain. He also gave me a lesson on how I can treat myself. The nerve damage in that area prevents me from being able to identify what sort of "touch" I'm receiving . With the help of a hand mirror I was able to watch exactly what he was doing and learn how to help myself to help make this area more supple and flexible.  Sae also demonstrated, (and had me practice) various sleeping positions. I didn't expect this! It was an enormous help, since I didn't opt for reconstructive surgery, I am, essentially breast-less on my left side, at night, when not wearing my prosthesis. This imbalance has really wrecked my lower back and sleeping patterns. I have been to doctors about this post surgery issue and received pain pills, anti-inflammatory drugs plus sleeping pills. The side effects have not been fun and just added to my stress. I was also advised (again) by the doctors to get reconstructive surgery, which I really don't want (it's never a done deal, you have to keep going back every few years to have it redone/ more surgery, to match your healthy breast, or lop off your healthy one to match the reconstructed one). All this to just manage a scar that has left me significantly uncomfortable. By contrast; The body work, tips, instruction and insight that I received from this physical therapist has made an enormous difference with just one session. The icing on the cake is his bedside manner. He is kind, patient and has a wealth of information and techniques. I felt very comfortable with him. I haven't had to reach for the pills since. I think I'll be able to ditch them soon, thanks to him." - Iris S., Breast Cancer Survivor

"Sae takes the time to clearly analyze what his patient needs, and provides a program that will meet those needs and achieve the best possible outcome. He challenges, cheers on, provides both encouragement and additional goals to meet. My husband's current normal lifestyle after devastating injuries is closely correlated to Sae's ability as a physical therapist. We could not have found a better PT!" - Pat H., Silks acrobat, Traveler.

"Today, Sae stopped by my office - lucky me! He adjusted my chair and work station to me. He and I have been working on my neck issues. With a few adjustments to my chair, the height of my computer, and a couple of 'reminder' exercises, my physical work experience is much better. If you are a person who spends much time at a desk, I highly recommend engaging Sae Smyrl to help you improve your work experience. Thank you so much, Sae!"

- Kathy A., Bookkeeper.

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