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We are creatures of movement - it's essential for good health, play, and work!


Are you having problems with your body such as Pain? Stiffness? Is it Balance? Strength? Everyday Function or Athletic Performance?
Physical therapy covers a very broad range of anatomical and functional issues. If you are dealing with a new or old problem, have concerns about your posture, stiffness due to an old injury or surgery, want to know how to work or play without injuring yourself, or have already done so, let's talk about it. We only have one body to carry us through life, and I'm a believer in getting maximal mileage and enjoyment out of this amazing machine.
I offer personalized physical therapy that is convenient, individualized, and provided by an experienced, passionate, and autonomous therapist.
A physician's referral is not required.
Located in Sylva and able to travel to your home or place of work for sessions that will be 100% dedicated to helping you feel and move better.

physical therapist

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